Joaquin Torres Garcia

Joaquin Torres Garcia

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Embark on an illuminating masterclass that explores the revolutionary vision of Joaquín Torres García. Discover how this visionary artist turned the map of America upside down, shifting the focus to the often-overlooked South. Through his innovative artistic approach, Torres García challenged the dominant Eurocentric perspective and placed the spotlight on the rich cultural heritage of the southern hemisphere.
Delve into the fascinating journey of Torres García as we explore his pivotal role as a critical figure in the European avant-gardes. Discover how he contributed to Europe's artistic movements and pioneered one of the most iconic avant-gardes in Uruguay. By tracing the origins of modernism to pre-Columbian times, Torres García revealed the deep-rooted artistic legacy of his homeland. Join us in this transformative masterclass to uncover the profound impact of Joaquín Torres García's artistic vision and his enduring contribution to the reevaluation of art history in South America.

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Joaquin Torres Garcia
  • Inverting America, the Start of the School of the South

    Episode 1

    To help you navigate his work, we invite you to answer the following questions as you go along:

    Why do you think Latin American artists travelled to Europe and the US to study art?
    Why do you think they felt the need to distance themselves from their European teachings and establish what it wo...