Live webinar lectures

Live webinar lectures

Bilingual lectures in English & Spanish about Latin American Art during the 20th century

Live webinar lectures
  • Mexico's Roaring 20s: Beyond Muralism Art in Post Revolutionary Mexico


    Dive into the vibrant tapestry of Mexico's Roaring '20s in our upcoming webinar! Uncover the artistic landscape of post-revolutionary Mexico beyond muralism, discovering the diverse movements that reshaped the nation's cultural identity.
    Beyond Muralism: Explore the roots of muralism and lesser-...

  • 3 friendships that changed art history


    In this webinar, we will discuss the story behind three formidable friendships that dramatically changed the course of Art History in Latin America: Leonor Fini & Leonora Carrington, Gabriela Mistral & Laura Rodig, Tarsila do Amaral & Anita Malfatti. Learn how their relationships were the trigger...

  • The Risk of Defining Identity


    The 20th century dawned, and Latin American artists and writers grappled with a common question: What does it mean to be Mexican, Brazilian, Argentinean, Uruguayan, or a Latin American artist? Their answers, influenced by the thought-provoking writings of José Enrique Rodó, sparked a journey into...

  • Breve Historia del Arte del Siglo XX en America Latina, I & II

    1 season

    Este curso le brindará una descripción general de los elementos históricos claves que dieron forma a la escena artística latinoamericana del siglo XX. A pesar del debate actual sobre el uso del término "Arte latinoamericano", la historiadora del arte Daniela Galán guiará una discusión crítica sob...

  • Tarot and Art in Latin America

  • Arte & Tarot en America Latina