Maria Izquierdo

Maria Izquierdo

2 Seasons

Bilingual. English & Español
Step into a captivating journey that will unravel the poetic language of Maria Izquierdo. Her work skillfully and seamlessly merged a distinct national worldview with an international aesthetic to create a groundbreaking visual perspective. Contrary to the exclusive notion of her work being purely folkloric and confined to a singularly Mexican aesthetic, we will challenge such assumptions, exploring the depth and complexity of her art. Through thought-provoking discussions and close analyses, you will gain insights into how Izquierdo artfully navigated the post-revolutionary era, capturing the liminal experiences of women in Mexico as they sought to redefine their social roles. Prepare to be inspired and enlightened by an artist whose vision transcended borders and paved the way for a new artistic frontier.

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Maria Izquierdo
  • Part I: Am I solely a Mexican Artist?

    Episode 1

    In this video, we will explore how the narrative built around Maria Izquierdo's work has limited her work's critical reading. Likewise, we will explore her early paintings to examine her distinct visual aesthetic. To help you navigate this video, we recommend you answer the following questions as...

  • Part II: Tamayo, Izquierdo and the Circus

    Episode 2

    This video will explore Izquierdo’s relationship with the artist Rufino Tamayo and her unique exploration of the Circus theme. To help you navigate this video, we recommend you answer the following questions as you watch it.
    1. How was the relationship between Tamayo and Izquierdo? Why do you thi...

  • Part III: The Indifferent Child

    Episode 3

    In this video, we will explore the controversy that her work endured during the 40s as her fame grew. We will explore three of her 1940s paintings in depth to question the allegations many critics made regarding the apparent decay of her initial proposals. To help you navigate this video, we reco...