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  • The Tarot by Xul Solar, Remedios Varo & Leonora Carrington

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  • Tarot and Art in Latin America

  • Arte & Tarot en America Latina

  • Leonora Carrington

    2 seasons

    English & Spanish
    Dive into the captivating world of Leonora Carrington, a woman who exposed an unexplored side of the human psyche, revolutionising the aesthetics of her time.
    Challenge the notion that confines Carrington solely to surrealism as we explore her remarkable paintings and delve int...

  • Xul Solar
    2 seasons

    Xul Solar

    2 seasons

    Join us for a mesmerising masterclass dedicated to the enigmatic artist Xul Solar. Explore the mystical realms he created through his visionary artworks as we delve into his profound quest for Latin America’s spiritual and artistic unification. Discover this multifaceted artist who crafted extrao...

  • Joaquin Torres Garcia

    2 seasons

    Embark on an illuminating masterclass that explores the revolutionary vision of Joaquín Torres García. Discover how this visionary artist turned the map of America upside down, shifting the focus to the often-overlooked South. Through his innovative artistic approach, Torres García challenged the...

  • Remedios Varo

    2 seasons

    Delve into the fascinating world of Remedios Varo, an artist who united art, science and mysticism to create a worldview that had never been proposed.
    In this masterclass, we will focus on six of Varo's most iconic paintings to better understand her artistic style, her revolutionary life, and th...